WATANABE Research & Consulting

Consulting firm based in Japan with expertise in intellectual property (IP). We help you develop your business by maximizing the value of your IP assets. For that, we provide you with the three types of services as follows:

  • IP Intelligence for Business 
  • Open Innovation 
  • Business Development 

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Satoshi Watanabe, Founder of WATANABE Research & Consulting

He is a patent attorney as well as an IP analyst.

First, he started his career at IBM as an engineer. His job was to evaluate mainframe computers of Japanese competitors. Sometimes, he analyzed their patents and research papers to predict their next computers. He was honored to receive the president’s award for that project. Also, he handled a copyright infringement lawsuit for computer software. He worked with in-house and outside IP counsels to prepare evidences for the court. After all, that was a good timing for him to move to the IP world. When the dispute was settled, he moved to the IP department. In the IP department, he had experiences to handle all types of IP cases over a decade; i.e. patent, copyright, trademark, contract and licensing.

Someday, he began to take an interest in open innovation. Then, he got a chance, bang on cue, to work for Intellectual Ventures (IV). IV has its headquarters in the US, and manages the world’s biggest IP funds. In IV, he worked with researchers and engineers to create great solutions to future problems. Then, he developed patents for the solutions and licensed to its customers.

Currently, he helps his clients develop their business by maximizing the value of their IP assets. He also serves as a bridge between Japan and other countries to help them expand their business.

So, if you have an interest in working with us, please feel free to contact us.