WATANABE Research & Consulting is a Japan-based consulting firm with expertise in intellectual property (IP) and technologies. We assist companies to develop their business by maximizing IP value. We provide three types of services, as follows:

  • IP Intelligence for Business
    which includes market research based on IP data, and IP strategy development
  • Open Innovation
    which includes technology scouting and solution development
  • Business Development
    which provides cost-effective business develop support for companies considering expanding their business into Japan.


Satoshi Watanabe, Founder of WATANABE Research & Consulting, is a consultant having a background as patent attorney and intellectual property (IP) analyst with more than 20 years of experiences. He started his career at IBM as an engineer for system evaluation on competitors’ products. He was involved in a copyright (software) litigation to produce evidence, and that became an opportunity to move to IP industry. He handled all types of IP matters including patent, copyright, trademark, contract, and license. When he began to take an interest in open innovation, he moved to Intellectual Ventures (IV) which is the world’s biggest IP fund management company. At IV, for its Invention Development Fund, he worked with researchers and engineers to create great ideas for solution of critical issues and monetization.

Currently he also works as an advisor for the fastest growing Japanese IP firm, and a consultant for Chinese IP management company HTB Innovation. In addition, he runs his blog site Japan Intellectual Property News.

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Interviewed: Out of Court – IAM Magazine 88