Local government provides strong support for patent licensing between large companies and SMEs

After having posted the article regarding the intellectual property business matching model, we received inquiries on the model. So, we would like to explain it in a little more detail here, based on the material we received from a local government. It’s called “Kawasaki model” in Japan, because Kawasaki-City started a project under this model […]

Satoshi Watanabe’s comments on the Japanese government’s efforts for the resolution of SEP-related disputes introduced in IAM magazine & blog

Satoshi Watanabe of WATANABE Research & Consulting posted several articles in Japan Intellectual Property News regarding the Japanese government’s efforts for the resolution of disputes involving standard essential patents (SEP). His comments are introduced in IAM magazine and Blog that is run by Globe Business Media Group, a publisher of a unique magazine focusing on intellectual […]

Baidu document-sharing site discloses corporate confidential documents

It is reported that Japanese companies’ internal documents marked “CONFIDENTIAL” are posted on Baidu document-sharing site. 186 companies’ confidential documents which includes a product diagram have been reportedly posted on this site between June 2017 and February 2018. Japanese companies today carefully review and select their technologies to be filed patent applications, considering cost and […]

Who solves last mile problem in Japan?

Japanese home-delivery service companies are faced with challenges. In a sense, e-commerce players are the same. Transaction volume has increased due to expansion of e-commerce such as Amazon, but it is difficult for home-delivery service companies to generate a good profit. The requirements of nationwide delivery, same-day or next-day delivery, and quantity discount, and also […]