We provide following services for you: 

IP Intelligence for Business

Intellectual Property (IP) is not just a legal right. Rather, it is an essential tool for you to execute your business strategy successfully.

  • Virtual CIPO (Chief Intellectual Property Officer)

The Virtual CIPO service provides you with a CIPO function on an outsource basis. We help you develop your IP strategy consistent with your business strategy for the success of your business. Also, we help your higher management team make right decisions from an IP perspective.

  • On-Demand IP Department

You need to run IP operations in accordance with your IP strategy within the limited resource and budget. So, we offer the On-Demand IP Department service for you. You can outsource your daily IP operation work in a cost effective way. 

  • IP Analytics

You need IP intelligence to recognize players in your market, e.g. who are your competitors and potential partners, how is your position in the market, what’s strengths and weakness. We provide you with market research and other researches based on IP data.

  • IP Development

We help you develop quality patents, trademarks, and designs which you will be able to actually use for your business. 

Open Innovation

Open Innovation provides you with opportunities to reduce research costs, spread risks and bring innovations to market more quickly. Therefore, it is now one of important strategies for you. The Open Innovation service can help you identify potential partners. Also, we are willing to play the role as a bridge between you and the identified potential partners. Since we have a global network, e.g. US, EU, Israel and China, we can help you cross-border open innovation. Furthermore, we can develop solutions for your problems by ourselves, since we have a team of world-class technical experts. It is the On-Demand AI Team service. 

  • Technology Transfer
  • IP Transaction (Sale/License and Acquisition of patents and other IPs)
  • On-Demand AI Team
Business Development

Are you planning to expand your business to Japan? If so, we can help you. We provide you with a cost-effective business development service. We will act as your Japan desk or branch office to support your business. Also, we can help you find your business partners to establish a Joint Venture (JV) or conduct Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

We would be happy to customize the services to best match your needs. So, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.