On-Demand AI Team

The “On-Demand AI Team” service enables you to integrate the most advanced AI technology in your products. Also it helps you improve your business by solving your hardest data analytics, IoT, and mobile computing problems to harness the treasure trove of information hidden in your data. 

We bring you the flexibility of using the best minds in AI when you need them and for only as long as you need them. We provide On-Demand AI Team for you.

This service is provided by working with BijuSoft having top experts in various field of artificial intelligence (AI);

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Computer Vision
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Computing
  • Data Analytics

Your project will be directed by AI experts based in the US, with long standing experience in the field starting with foundational AI companies like Inference and Teknowledge. The software development teams in Romania are led by faculty at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest. Team leaders have earned Ph.D. degrees in AI from major universities worldwide (including Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Grenoble, Polytechnic University Bucharest, etc.), and have long lists of publications in the most prestigious journals and conferences in their fields of expertise. 

Examples of completed projects includes:

Deep Learning Classifier – We implemented the dual-distribution-based learning methods defined at Caltech in 2015, and improved on these methods to make them computationally efficient. Demonstrated its classification capabilities and computational efficiency on million-examples datasets for customer product recommendation. 

Legal Document Comparison Semantic Analyzer – Using our own research capabilities, we extended the theory of Latent Semantic Analysis with new techniques that yields significant improvement in the accuracy of analyzing legal documents in order to classify them by similarity on specific topics and at all levels of granularity. Based on this new technology, we implemented an efficient semantic search engine to be used in comparing such documents for legal analysis purposes. 

Autonomous Vision-based Drone Navigation – We designed and implemented a computer vision system for self-guided autonomous drones: by converting 2D scenes into 3D interpretations we perform semantic analysis on such scenes in order to guide the drone to complete its tasks. 

Natural Language Guidance for Drones – We built a Smart Drone Assistant that controls a drone’s operation using natural language instructions: the system is capable of answering queries by analyzing 3D scenes and generating natural language constructs from aerial images. This technology allows for efficient communication between a human operator and the drone, especially when the human operator is an expert in the application domain but not necessarily an expert pilot. 

Data Center Security Vulnerability Detection – We designed and built a cloud-based big data analytics platform for providing security risk assessment across an entire organization: our solution translates the organization’s security vulnerabilities into a pragmatic business perspective by analyzing all the relevant data about the organization. 

Computer Network Mapping – We built a computer network topology discovery tool that allows a complete mapping of the entire computer network of an organization (hardware, software, and communications); based on a set of agents running both outside and inside the organization’s network, our tool is also capable of monitoring any changes in the hardware and software configuration and tools, and is being used in both compliance and security applications. 

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