We are delighted to be participating in Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas this month. Money20/20 is the largest global fintech event enabling payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce. At this event, we will discuss collaboration with potential partners for the overseas expansion of our client, a Japanese company focused on Earned Wage Access […]

Call for power battery-related patents
Power battery

We have a client seeking patents related to power battery technologies for electric vehicles (EV). If you are interested in monetizing your patents, please contact us.

Japanese Government to Tackle Problem of Jointly-Owned Patents between Universities and Industry
Joint research

I was once involved in a government program to support regional projects that would make effective use of the intellectual properties of the universities in that region. We evaluated the business models and core technologies of the projects. Then, we often faced the problem that the patents on their core technologies are jointly owned by […]

Will IPwe facilitate IP-based financing?

“Do you think IPwe will facilitate the use of intellectual properties as collateral for financial institutions?” I was recently asked this question. In fact, the Japanese government has been promoting IP-based lending for several years. The government bears the cost of IP evaluation for financial institutions. However, at prsent, financial institutions don’t seem to regard […]

Call for patented technologies

We have clients looking for patented technologies in the following areas: Automatic cleaning robot for glass curtain walls Fire extinguishing system for electric vehicle (EV) battery fires If you are interested in monetizing your patents, please contact us.

Japanese Government established “Good Faith Negotiation Guidelines for SEP Licenses”

Disputes involving standard-essential patents (SEPs) have arisen in many countries around the world, and SEP disputes between different industries are expected to increase in the future. Therefore, the Japanese government (METI) has indicated the desirable actions to be taken by patent holders and implementers in SEP license negotiations (*1). Previously (2018), the Japan Patent Office […]

Do you have an effective Patent Defense strategy?

It is heartbreaking to see the tragic news about the Russia-Ukraine war every day. I hope that the war will end as soon as possible and peace will return to Ukraine. Disputes often arise in the business world as well. You can be involved in a dispute even if you do not want to be. […]

Why recommend SMEs to join IPwe’s Smart Pools?
IPwe Smart Pool

IPwe announced on March 9, 2022 that nChain joined the Blockchain Smart Pool as the first founder.  The Smart Pool is a new type of patent pool that IPwe developed. A group of key innovation leaders (“Founders”) collectively offer a group of their patents relating to leading and emerging technologies for license to other companies […]

EV Power Motor Patent Portfolio for Sale

We are pleased to offer a patent portfolio for sale, related to motors for electric vehicles (EV). The offered EV power motor patent portfolio relates to a technology for obtaining high output by rotating a stator of the electric motor to use a rotational force of the stator for a rotation of a rotor.  This […]

What you need to know before you try to sell a trademark
Registered Trademark

From time to time, I receive inquiries from clients who want to sell their trademarks. A common case is that they have registered a trademark before, but never had a chance to use it, so they want to monetize it by selling or licensing it. I understand that they want to sell your trademark because […]