A new way to promote the adoption of the technology

Do you want to promote the adoption of a new technology you developed? If so, we can introduce you to a new way to do so by using your patents.

Our partner, IPwe, has started to operate a new patent pool called “Smart Pool”. This is a consortium in which innovation leaders who hold a patent portfolio of new technologies offer non-exclusive licenses to companies that want to use that technology to promote the adoption of their innovations.

The IPwe Platform that employs AI, blockchain, and smart contracts can keep transaction costs low. As a result, patent holders will be able to offer competitive license prices, which will increase the adoption rate of their technology. In addition, by setting license fees based on members’ income, it promotes the growth of SMEs while encouraging the adoption of the innovations.

In order to improve the quality of the patents included in the Smart Pool, IPwe builds a prior art library, and also screens patents based on patent validity scores calculated by AI.

Recently, IPwe released a Smart Pool on a technology called GS1 Digital Link. They are planning to launch a series of Smart Pools on, for example:

  • Clean Tech
  • Urban Gardening & Vertical Farming
  • Unmanned Agricultural Vehicles
  • 3D Printing
  • Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries

If you have a technology that you would like to promote adoption of, please consider this option as well! For more information, please contact us.