A business opportunity in active packaging technologies for food and beverage

Our client is looking for a business partner in its food packaging antimicrobial sealant film business. They own antimicrobial “non-elution” technology that is protected by patent.

They already have partnered with a major Japanese chemical company for the production of masterbatches. They also have partnered with Japan’s largest trading company to provide those masterbatches overseas. For the partner they are currently looking for, they will license the patented technology for the production of this food packaging antimicrobial sealant film and also provide the masterbatches.

The client’s technology can significantly extend the shelf life of food products and also reduce manufacturing costs with conventional equipment. Also, the food packaging antimicrobial film market is currently worth USD 5 billion globally but is expected to grow in the future.

So, if you are interested in this business opportunity, please contact us.