Interesting IP business model found in China, but probably not work in Japan

During a business trip to Shenzhen, we had a chance to talk with a Chinese company Andun which provides an intellectual property protection platform against counterfeit products. Andun has been building a network of lawyers to investigate infringing products and stop infringement activities for its customers. An interesting point of the business model is that Andun does not charge for such activities to the customers. Settlement money and compensation for damage are its revenue source for Andun and its allied lawyers. The customers can not only remove infringing products from the marketplace at no cost, but also receive a part of the damages. Therefore, this business model is realized at […]

Call for new services for connected car

A global automotive company is looking for new services or application for connected car. So, we are looking for persons who are willing to develop new ideas or innovations (inventions) for the automotive company via an open-innovation platform. In this project, we are working with Xinova which provides the open-innovation platform with inventor network worldwide.  We can give you documents for detailed information which includes problem definition, examples of existing relevant technologies, and requirements for the ideas to be proposed. And if you develop such good ideas that the company selects for its use, you will be able to receive monetary rewards.  If you have interest in such open innovation activities, […]

Japan’s population declines for the seventh consecutive year

On April 13 2018, the Japanese government published the estimated population in Japan.  The total population is 126.76 million, as of October 1 2017. It decreases 227 thousand (0.18%) from the previous year, and decreases for the seventh consecutive year. The chart shows the number of increase-decrease in population (bar chart) and the increase-decrease rate (line chart). The population aged 65 and over is 35.152 million (increase 561 thousand from the previous year) and its proportion sets new record high of 27.7%. The number of foreigners resident in Japan is on the rise, but the population shrink cannot be stopped. The falling birth rate and the aging population is creating […]

Plans a business trip to China

I will make a business trip to Shenzhen, China next week to attend an IP-related event called IPBC (Intellectual Property Business Congress) and also to have several meetings with Chinese firms to discuss potential businesses. As a matter of fact, every time I visit China, especially Beijing, I’m worried about air pollution while checking a website which shows air quality, since I have asthma. Further concern is internet access environment. In China, I cannot use many of tools I use every day, such as google, skype, facebook, twitter. It’s very inconvenient, or rather I feel it limits my ability. Nevertheless, we expand opportunities to visit China. Because we see increased […]

What’s the difference between character licensing and technology licensing?

I attended a trading show specializing in character and brand licensing, Licensing Japan, which was held in Tokyo on April 4th to 6th 2018. Japanese people of all ages love characters of TV animations, movies, games and the like. It’s said that some people seek healing through such characters. The market size of Japanese domestic character goods is around 1.6 trillion JPY (approximately 16 billion dollars). In the Japanese market, Japan-origin characters such as pikachu and precure are strong, as expected, but recently the ratio of overseas characters is getting bigger. In character licensing, in many cases, a company who wish to develop its products using a particular character applies for a […]