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本日、IPwe特許取引プラットフォームの日本語ユーザーインターフェースがリリースされました。IPweプラットフォームは、AI(人工知能)とブロックチェーンを使った世界初の特許取引プラットフォームです(詳しくは、こちらをご覧ください)。 この度の日本語ユーザーインターフェースの提供により、IPwe特許取引プラットフォームが、日本のお客様にとって、より使いやすいものとなり、お客様が特許資産をより有効に活用し収益を向上させるのにお役に立てば幸いです。   当社は、IPwe特許取引プラットフォームの日本のお客様をサポートをしておりますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。

IPwe in Patent Information Fair

IPweは、2019年11月6日~8日に東京で開催された「特許情報フェア&コンファレンス」に東芝デジタルソリューションズ(以下、東芝)と共同出展しました。 当社ワタナベリサーチ&コンサルティングは、IPweの日本でのマーケティング活動を支援しており、今回のフェアでは、人工知能(AI)とブロックチェーンを活用した世界初のグローバル特許取引プラットフォームであるIPweプラットフォームをご紹介させていただきました。

IPwe Platform


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Partners with IPwe to introduce the patent transaction platform to Japan
IPwe Platform

We are delighted to announce the partnership with IPwe to introduce their unique patent transaction platform to Japan. IPwe created the first platform for the world’s patent ecosystem, connecting buyers and sellers of patents and patent-related services, creating a tradable asset. IPwe leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, predictive analytics and blockchain to unlock global patent value.  Please contact us for more information. 

Copyright registration on blockchain
Copyright registration on blockchain

Recently, I found a misleading website which provides registration service for intellectual property. It provides a global registry for patents, designs and trademarks on the blockchain network. It says you can register an intellectual property in minutes at a cost of less than $15. This website should add more explanation. The registration on the blockchain certainly helps you prove the existence of a particular document at some point in time. However, it doesn’t create rights of patent, design or trademark, even if such a document describes a new idea, design or trade name. You need to file an application to the patent office and get through an examination to obtain […]

Japan to develop a blockchain-based content service platform

We previously reported that the Japanese government initiated a blockchain project for content management. Finally, the government has set up a budget to develop a blockchain-based content service platform. This platform allows for monetization of derivative works. It records the relationship between contributors of an original content and its derivative works. Also, it enables to distribute income from the contents to the contributors. A smart contract will help to manage the permission of creating derivative works and the income sharing. The government expects this platform to create a new content market.  Conceptual scheme of the service platform The attached chart shows the conceptual scheme of the service platform disclosed by the government. Two […]

If blockchain existed then, Ultraman copyright disputes would have never happened

Ultraman, it’s one of Japan’s superheros like America’s Superman. A copyright holder of Ultraman, Tsuburaya Productions has been in dispute with Chinese production companies which produced and released a film featuring Ultraman in 2017. These Chinese companies now released another film featuring Ultraman. In response to this, Tsuburaya Productions made a statement on January 17 2019 that “we will take all necessary legal steps to protect our legal rights.” (The featured photo is a scene in the film trailer). This case is actually not so simple like typical Chinese copycat cases. The disputes began with a Thai businessman (Chaiyo Productions), who had friendship with a former president of Tsuburaya Productions, claiming […]

Japan raises music royalty for foreign films

Japanese largest musical copyright administration society JASRAC reached an agreement with a movie theater group on September 6 2018 that, for foreign films which will be released from November 2018 to March 2021, JASRAC will collect 6-level of music royalty of JPY 150,000 (approx. USD 1,350) to JPY 300,000 (approx. USD 2,700) in accordance with the number of screens. Currently, JASRAC is collecting JPY 180,000 (approx. USD 1,600) per film work. Reportedly, JASRAC is calculating on increased revenue by 15% to 20% by this agreement. For Japanese films, JASRAC is collecting the royalty for each of the musics in accordance with the number of screens, which is different from the […]

Japan to initiate a government-led blockchain project

Japan starts to study a blockchain system for contents management. The government is aiming to support Japanese contents business (e.g. game, character) by providing a system which realizes smooth copyrights handling by using smart contract and other functions based on blockchain technology. The Japanese government is reportedly planning to proceed to the validation phase in 2019. In addition to this government project, Sony seems considering using blockchain technology for Digital Rights Management (DRM). Reportedly, Sony has filed a patent application, which was published by USPTO on April 26 2018, for using blockchain technology to manage ownership of purchased games for PlayStation 4. Blockchain technology-based IP platform is becoming hot. So […]