Call for Inventors in Food & Beverage industry

A global food and beverage company is looking for innovative solutions for various challenges it faces in the field packaging, production process and so on. So, we are now looking for inventors or innovators in such fields. If you are willing to help us, please let us know. We can give you documents for detailed information which includes problem definition, examples of existing relevant technologies, and requirements for solutions to be proposed. And if you develop such good solutions that the company selects for its use, you will be able to receive monetary rewards. Please join a network of inventors worldwide. You may have a chance to work with world-class […]

3 tips for efficiently generating ideas likely to be adopted by customers

We are working with researchers, engineers and technology consultants to develop new solutions and applications for customers.  We try to generate great ideas that the customers get interested in adopting or at least trying to use them.  There are a variety of techniques widely introduced for generating ideas, such as Brainstorming, SCAMPER, Reverse thinking etc.  Here are several tips for new participants in our invention program to heighten the likelihood of adoption of your ideas by customers, which you should consider before and after you generate ideas, rather than idea generation techniques themselves. 1. Choose a problem worthy of contemplation What is a problem you try to solve?  Before you […]

Partners with Xinova to find great inventors

We are delighted to announce the partnership with Xinova which provides an open innovation platform with a global inventor network. We will assist Xinova to find great talent who has potential for invention and assist them to develop new solutions to solve a variety of problems faced by its customers and also develop new applications based on existing technologies owned by the customers. The inventors who develop such good solutions or applications that the customers select or the like will be able to receive monetary rewards. If you have an interest in joining the invention program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.