UNIQLO’s patent dispute case shows that it is still not easy for SME to monetize a patent
UNIQLO checkout machine

On May 20 2021, it was reported that FAST RETAILING CO., LTD., which operates UNIQLO, lost a patent case against an IT company Asterisk Inc. Asterisk owns a patent (JP6469758) for technology of reading data from RFID tags attached to the products, which is used in self-checkout machines. Then, they required Fast Retailing to pay license fees for […]

Original MUJI loses to Chinese company in trademark infringement case in China
MUJI trademark

Japanese retail company Ryohin Keikaku, which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods under the name of MUJI (Mujirushi Ryohin), lost a trademark infringement case in China. Reportedly, on December 11 2019, the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court ordered Ryohin Keikaku to pay CNY 600,000 (USD 85,336) in damages to a Chinese company.  […]

Capcom wins higher damages in patent infringement case against Koei Tecmo Games
Battle of Game companies

On September 11 2019, Japan IP High Court decided a patent infringement case between Japanese game companies, Capcom and Koei Tecmo Games (Here is the decision).  In this case, Capcom alleges Koei Tecmo has infringed on its two patents (JP3350773 and JP3295771) in Koei Tecmo’s action games (Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors) and horror game (Fatal Frame). The […]

Japanese courts slow to adopt information technologies
Web meeting

Finally, Japan’s courts are going to use information technologies for proceedings. Despite widespread use of IT in daily life, we have been required to conduct paper-based procedures and go to court for a brief preparatory proceeding. It would be welcome to improve this situation, but it’s too slow. The reported rough schedule is as follows.  […]

Japan IP High Court rules standard for calculating damages in patent infringement case
calculating damages

On June 7 2019, Japan Intellectual Property High Court ruled standard for calculating damages, especially deductible expenses, in a patent infringement case on carbonated pack cosmetics. Below is the summary of the decision. 1. Presumed damages Japanese patent law provides provisions to make it easier for patent holders to prove the amount of damages. One […]

If blockchain existed then, Ultraman copyright disputes would have never happened

Ultraman, it’s one of Japan’s superheros like America’s Superman. A copyright holder of Ultraman, Tsuburaya Productions has been in dispute with Chinese production companies which produced and released a film featuring Ultraman in 2017. These Chinese companies now released another film featuring Ultraman. In response to this, Tsuburaya Productions made a statement on January 17 2019 […]

Slowly changing Japan’s IP dispute resolution system

We Japanese often say “お変わりありませんか?(okawari-arimasenka?)” that means, in English, “Nothing has happened (or everything remains unchanged)?” to someone whom we meet after a long interval. No change is a good thing in Japanese culture. I’m just wondering if we can change such a greeting to something by which we can expect or accelerate change. JPO […]

Updates of discussion on possible revision of Japan’s IP dispute resolution system

The discussion on possible revision of Japan’s intellectual property dispute resolution system, reported in the previous article, has started from last October, and the second meeting was held on November 21 2018 at the Japanese Patent Office (JPO), on which I had a chance to sit in. The objective of the meeting was to hear […]

Japanese court finds copyright infringement on choreographies of Hula dance

In Japan, there have not been many copyright infringement cases on choreography, though Japanese copyright law exemplifies “dance works” as an example of copyrighted works. On September 20 2018, Osaka District Court issued an injunction against the use of the plaintiff’s choreographies for the following five songs and awarded approx. JPY 430,000 (approx. USD 3,900) […]

Supercell wins the patent infringement case against GREE

On September 6 2018, Tokyo District Court dismissed the GREE’s claim against Supercell in a patent infringement case, which was previously reported here. GREE demanded JPY 100 million (approx. USD 909,000) in damages from Supercell for the patent infringement by the layout editor of  “Clash of Clans”. In this case, the interpretation of “the whole game […]