Predict competitors’ strategies based on public information

Vanarama, a British car leasing company, has created a concept design for the Apple Car based on Apple’s car-related patents. I don’t know if Apple will actually build such a car, but it is very interesting.

Instead of just saying this is interesting, why don’t you seriously consider this kind of activity to analyze your competitors?

It is said that the intelligence agencies of various countries apply more than 90% of their activities to OSINT (open source intelligence). OSINT is a method of obtaining information by continuously checking media such as newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

Patents are a valuable source of information for investigating corporate activities, especially those related to research and development. This is because it costs a certain amount of money to obtain a patent. So companies consider whether the technology is worth filing a patent application. ​​Of course, technical papers are also important.

Trademarks are also a source of information. Recently, it was discovered that Nike had applied for a trademark for virtual goods, and there was talk that they might be considering entering the metaverse.

Each piece of information may be small, but by continuously watching, you may be able to see the whole picture.

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