Japan’s enhanced personal data protection results in providing individuals with the right to sell their data

In response to the global trends, the Japanese government announced a policy to strengthen the personal data protection on April 25 2019. It will enhance the right for individuals to demand companies to stop using their personal information. Under the current law, individuals can demand it, only if such data has been fraudulently acquired or used for purposes other than the original intent.

On the other hand, the government has considered the creation of the so-called data bank, as introduced before. The data bank distributes personal data with the consent of the individuals. Then, it provides them with the compensation. I hear that, in the demonstration experiment, most users have chosen to allow the companies to use their data to get the compensation.

According to a recent news 報告書, a digital satellite broadcasting company SKY PefecTV! will start on discounting the viewing fee, if you agree to provide your viewing history to other companies. Also, a personal lending company J.Score will start on providing cash or electronic money, or interest rate reduction, if you agree to provide your credit score to other companies.

After all, it seems that strengthening protection of personal data has just created the right to sell personal data for individuals. Certainly, now you can choose it. What do you think?